Popcorn Hostel

Popcorn Hostel - A unique experience, which you will keep beside most beautiful moments of your life!

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Picture from 1995

Popcorn Hostel
Created with passion

Popcorn Hostel was created out of a passion for adventure.

I traveled countries. I traveled cities. I stopped in all the places you can imagine. I slept in the tent, in the train station, in the car, in the host, in the hotels, in the hostels, in the field and in the forest.

Acum pot să te înțeleg. Pot înțelege ce trebuie să ofere o gazdă bună pentru ca oaspeții să fie fericiți. Pentru că am fost oaspete în atâtea hosteluri că nici nu le mai țin minte pe toate 😊

Popcorn Hostel was created with care for guests. 

You will feel better with us than at home. You'll see!


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We have private rooms and dormitories

I know you expect to find dormitories, because that means hostel, but we also have private rooms. Keep in mind that all bathrooms are in the hallway, none of the rooms have a private bathroom. The bathrooms are individual, with hot water shower and high pressure, so you can take a shower with pleasure. For girls, there are also make-up mirrors that enlarge the image, for a perfect make-up.

Backyard at the Popcorn Hostel, a fairytale place!

Shaded by a huge "Paulownia Tomentosa" tree, the backyard of Popcorn Hostel is a beautiful place! Quiet, birds, coolness due to the tree that is right in the middle of the yard, you can relax in hammocks, or in suspended armchairs, or in the swing. Or maybe you want to make a barbecue and eat at the table with benches. Or maybe you want to have a coffee or tea on the wooden benches. Or maybe you want to use sports equipment so that you don't lose your physical condition. All are possible, thanks to the generous space in the hostel's yard, where, in addition to the birds, you can hear a puppy barking in the neighbors' yards.

Electric and classic bicycle parking
Outdoor sports equipment
Curtea de la Popcron Hostel
A quiet and shady place

Relax and get rid of worries in the open air, surrounded by nature, the chirping of birds and the coolness.

Bucatarie si gatit Popcorn Hostel
You save money

The kitchen at Popcorn Hostel is equipped with absolutely everything you need to be able to cook anything.

Fully equipped kitchen

At the end of the street there is a hypermarket where you can buy fresh and cheap food, which you can easily cook in the kitchen equipped with all the necessary utensils to prepare your favorite food. Moreover, in the yard there is a grill that only waits for the coals and a spark. Obviously, a glass of wine is welcome to enjoy freshly cooked food.

All the utensils needed for cooking
Refrigerators for storing food
Acces permanent

Because access is based on the individual code you received by email when you made the reservation, you can leave and come at any time you want.

Social place

Bineînțeles că nu avem televizoare în hostel! În schimb avem jocuri de societate și un loc special amenajat unde să poți socializa cu ceilalți oaspeți.

High Speed Internet

We have a 1 Gb / s subscription so you can communicate with friends from other countries, play games and download your favorite movies for your next trip.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

The hypermarket is at the end of the street. You can buy cheap and fresh food and cook it in our fully equipped kitchen. What is left you can store in the refrigerators.

Printer And Laptops

Ai acces permanent la laptopurile puse la dispoziție și la imprimanta wireless. Îți poți tipări gratuit biletul de avion pentru a nu avea probleme la îmbarcare.

Yard with hammocks

You have at your disposal a quiet courtyard, patronized by a beautiful huge "Paulownia Tomentosa" tree, in the shade of which you can relax and enjoy a cold drink or a coffee and you can read your favorite book.


Do you like to travel. You come from afar. You saw many places, you had fun, you made friends. Now you have dirty clothes and you need to wash them. We have professional washing machines and detergents ready!

See what other services we have prepared for you…

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